Jagex states that it will continue to discuss how Runelite HD can be made available as a “bridge” to its HD project.

Jagex, Runescape’s developer, has reversed his decision just a day after it was widely criticised for closing down Runelite HD mod projects the day before their release. Jagex says that it will now work with Runelite HD creator Adam1210 and original Runelite creator 117scape to make Runelite HD accessible until the company releases its official Runescape HD version.

Jagex stated in a blog post that “We listen to your feedback loudly and clear” and said that they have been discussing it all day. While discussions continue, Jagex indicated that they intend to take action on the feedback. “We fully understand that Old School has a voice and sometimes that voice can be one of frustration about the decisions that we make. We welcome all feedback, good and bad. We are human and sometimes we don’t get it right. Now we are working to rectify our approach.


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