BlizzCon is but two significant statements are found on Blizzard’s media portal site.

BlizzCon 2021 is occurring , but two large World of Warcraft statements have seemingly been leaked unintentionally by Blizzard itself.

The most fascinating of both escapes is World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Vintage, that will allow players explore WoW’s first expansion pack since it existed when it initially launched in 2007. Much like WoW Classic, this is a time machine back to WoW’s background so it’s possible to perform a variant of it that simply does not exist today.

If you jumped straight back into WoW Classic as it started in 2019, Burning Crusade Classic seems to be organised the exact same manner. New raids and dungeons will roll out in a similar rate regarding when Burning Crusade was really the present growth.

What is interesting, however, is that gamers will have a choice between leaping into Burning Crusade Vintage or remaining at par 60. “Ahead of Burning Crusade Classic’s launch,” the leaked press release reads,”WoW Classic players may choose whether to progress all the personalities into the Burning Crusade age with the remainder of their kingdom, or to keep on enjoying with the first WoW Classic articles on fresh traditional Era servers.”

The additional leaked WoW announcement won’t be as surprising to gamers, since it had been anticipated that Blizzard would show Shadowlands’ next large update throughout the event anyhow. Even though the leaked media release is not very particular, it looks like endgame zone of this Maw will be receiving a brand new region to research known as Korthia, the City of Keys. You will also have the ability to use your flying mounts in 9.1, which ought to make getting around much faster.

Chains of Domination will even last Shadowlands’ narrative, but the interesting news is that the inclusion of a brand new raid and a fresh mega-dungeon (that is only a really major dungeon). The raid, known as Sanctum of Domination, is a 10-boss raid which culminates in a struggle against Sylvanas Windrunner himself –one of the main villains of all Shadowlands. The newest eight-boss mega-dungeon is named Tazavesh, the Veiled Market and depending on the description, it sounds amazing:”Collect your celebration and find exotic wares and odd creatures in an eight-boss Mythic mega-dungeon put at a bazaar of those mysterious Agents, and culminating at a high-stakes heist to steal strong artifacts in Azeroth,” the press release reads.

Not one of the leaked media releases define an specific launch date for Burning Crusade Vintage or Chains of Domination, but both are arriving in 2021. With Chains of Domination, however, my guess is how that the patch will launch early summer–that the 9.0.5 upgrade is scheduled to launch March and stains are often spread out a couple weeks apart.

In any event, that is two exciting and big WoW statements to anticipate tomorrow. Have a look at our BlizzCon manual for a complete breakdown of the series, program, and how to see.


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