Almost half of the job offers published in 2021 for university graduates were aimed at attracting graduates from the health sector. Specifically, 46% of the total, according to the Adecco 2021 Infoempleo Report: Job supply and demand in Spain. The branch of health sciences achieves a figure that doubles the registrations obtained in 2020, being the only training area that grew in percentage terms in 2021.

The study consolidates Medicine and Biomedicine together with Nursing as the two health specialties with the highest employability at the end of the university cycle. In this sense, one of every four job offers published last year required graduates in the aforementioned degrees. This increase is closely related to the significant amount of casualties that the sector had to manage during the pandemic and which gave rise to a large number of temporary additions.

“The exceptional conditions in which these last two years have developed have made the health sector the largest applicant for candidates with higher education (35.59%, 16.91 percentage points), multiplying by seven the percentage it had in 2019 “, They assure from Adecco.

The need for hospitals and health centers to have psychologists and physiotherapists has also increased the job offer for these two specialties. On the other hand, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine offer even less work to their graduates.

The weight of the total job offer for careers related to social sciences falls sharply from 41.6% that it reached in 2020 to 28.9% that it marked in 2021. This percentage decrease is due to the rise of degrees of health, since in absolute terms the offers destined to graduates of this branch of knowledge scarcely decrease by 400 vacancies.

If the requirements for graduates in Business Administration and Management (ADE) are lowered, it goes from 11.26% of the total offers for university students to only 5.36% and drops from absolute first place to third. On the other hand, the offers of those graduates in the double degree in Law and ADE (DADE) skyrocketed, rising to 5.19% and ranking as the fourth most demanded by companies.

The social sciences continue to emerge as the branch that contributes the most careers to the top 20 of those that receive employment, with a total of 7: ADE (3), DADE (4), Commerce and Marketing (8), Education (10), Relations Labor (11), Economy (12), Law (18).

Engineering increased its job offer in absolute terms despite falling in percentages. The careers with the best access to the labor market in this area continue to be Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering, which are ranked as the fifth and sixth careers with the most requirements throughout the national territory.

Within the top-20, engineering also includes: Telecommunications (13), Mechanics (14), Electrical (16), Industrial and Automatic Electronics (17) and Agro-food and Rural Environment (19).

The specialties related to the arts and humanities continue in the caboose and barely brought together one of every 100 job offers during the past year. No career related to this educational field is among the 20 most demanded by the Spanish labor market.

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