A Ukrainian court has sentenced a 21-year-old Russian soldier to life in prison for war crimes. Vadim Shishimarin is accused of killing a 62-year-old civilian who was riding a bicycle while talking on the phone.

Judge Serhiy Agafonov said the defendant fired several shots at the victim’s head with an automatic weapon. Shishimarin, wearing a blue and gray hoodie, watched the trial and sentencing silently from a reinforced glass case. in the courtroom and showed no emotion when the verdict was read.

Shishimarin declared last week at a trial hearing that he regretted what happened, pleaded guilty and asked the victim’s widow for “forgiveness”, while justifying his actions by the “orders” received.

According to the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, more than 12,000 war crimes investigations have already been opened since the Russian invasion began, almost three months ago, on August 24.

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