British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss wants to equip Ukraine’s neighbor Moldova with modern “NATO standard” weapons in anticipation of a possible Russian attack, The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday.

In an interview with the newspaper, Truss indicated that these plans are being analyzed within the Atlantic Alliance, so that, if accepted, the member countries could provide defense weapons to the former Soviet republic.

“I would like to see Moldova equipped to NATO standards. It is a conversation we are having with our allies,” he said.

“(Russian President Vladimir) Putin has made clear his ambitions to create a greater Russia, and the fact that his attempts to take kyiv were unsuccessful does not mean that he has abandoned those ambitions,” he said.

Like Ukraine, Moldova, to the southwest of that country, is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and there are fears that it could be Putin’s next target in his territorial expansion plan.

The idea, according to the newspaper, would be to prepare Moldova with current equipment, to replace its from Soviet times, and train its Armed Forces in its use, as a defense and deterrent mechanism against a possible Russian attack.

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