US President Joe Biden has announced that the G7, whose leaders are meeting in Germany from today, will announce a ban on the import of gold from Russia among the measures aimed at sanctioning the invasion of Ukraine by that country.

Biden said on Twitter that “together with the G7 we will announce that we are banning the import of Russian gold, a major import bringing in tens of billions of dollars to Russia.”

The US president added on the social network that “the United States has imposed unprecedented costs against (Russian President Vladimir) Putin to deprive him of the income he needs to finance his war against Ukraine.”

The purpose of the summit is to expand the sanctions already imposed by the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Canada, British sources indicated, according to which Prime Minister Boris Johnson will try to convince the rest of the G7 – that is, including the partners of the European Union (EU), Germany, France and Italy – to join in this step.

Johnson considers that “a direct blow must be dealt to the Russian oligarchs”, touch “the heart of the arms industry” of President Vladimir Putin and choke his sources of financing.

The delegations of the three EU partners present in Elmau, the Bavarian castle where the summit is held, are already addressing this possible extension of the sanctions with regard to gold, although at the moment there are no decisions in this regard, sources indicated. Germans.

Neither does Berlin consider that Germany should assume a leadership role, within the EU bloc, regarding the war in Ukraine, as is apparently being proposed by the White House.

Scholz’s purpose is to “seek consensus”, rather than assuming leadership, both within the G7 and in the meetings to which the leaders of the five countries invited to the summit will join tomorrow -India, Indonesia, South Africa, Senegal and Argentina-, the latter representing all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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