Proof and a new report imply the end is nigh for Verdansk.

Call of Duty: Warzone players should start getting used to the notion of leaving Verdansk behind. A new report by VGC claims Activision plans to establish a new map themed around the Black Ops world at the conclusion of Warzone Season two , which started last night. This supports a growing pile of evidence in the game itself which Warzone’s launch map could see annihilation.

We speculated last week that Season 2 would see the end of Verdansk. While it looks like we are going to be waiting a bit longer, Verdansk received a few upgrades in Season 2 which greatly suggest the map is about to be overrun by zombies.

At the moment, the map zombie problem is localized to one Warzone Shipwreck on the southeast corner of the map. New computer terminals located in four underground nuclear missile siloes show a progress bar that’s only five percent complete. The running theory claims that zombies will continue to flooding into different sectors of Verdansk before the progress bar fills and the missiles detonate.

Now, the concept appears so ironclad that it feels more like an inevitability. We have been hearing about points of interest about the assumed new Warzone map which harken back to first Black Ops locations. Another prevailing rumor is the map will stitch together locations from Black Ops — Cold War’s Fireteam maps. It would not be the first time Warzone’s maps reused areas. Verdansk is an enlarged version of Modern Warfare’s Ground War locales, in the end.


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