Nicolás Maduro took advantage of the bicentennial of the Battle of Pichincha, a decisive pro-independence feat for the taking of Quito, to attack King Felipe VI for not condemning, according to his account, “the crimes of massive genocide, against humanity, the razing of our original towns”.

“In the 21st century, the Spanish Crown should be very clear and condemn these crimes, but no, they cover them up. And they say that they came to civilize and educate us who were a kind of barbarians, they still say so. It is the ideology of the right, of the Spanish Crown, of the empires,” cried the “people president” for the third time since last year he joined the claims against the conquest of the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Already in October, Maduro sent a letter to La Zarzuela in which he demanded respect for the memory of the original peoples. In the letter, the revolutionary boss accused the monarch of endorsing genocide at the hands of the Spanish who “came to take our wealth, to rape women, to kill with blood and fire throughout America.”

In this way, an old strategy of attacks against Spain and against the King was reopened as part of the long electoral campaign until the presidential elections of 2024, in which the cult of personality of the “son of Chávez” includes everything from the creation of a supposed superhero, Supermustache, to the draw for tickets to music festivals.

The Chavista leader has repeated some statistics, denied by historians, according to which of the 100 million natives who lived when the conquerors arrived, only 10 million survived.

“It has always been said that almost 100 million grandfathers and grandmothers came out of mother Africa, enslaved, and only 50 million arrived alive on the shores of America,” added Maduro, who took advantage of the historic harangue to reclaim the old dream of the Homeland Big.

“The great times of union are before us,” announced the president, who assured that there are 25 countries that would have joined the boycott of the Summit of the Americas, to be held in June in Los Angeles, a conclave to which also Spain has been invited.

The pulse against Washington is also led by López Obrador, who gave Joe Biden an ultimatum after excluding the three dictatorships of the continent (Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua), who are the great allies of Vladimir Putin in the region.

From Mexico, it is ensured that some type of representation is being negotiated for its partners. “The path cannot be exclusion, discriminating against entire peoples,” complained Maduro, who nevertheless issued a prediction: “The voice of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua will reach Los Angeles. That summit is the summit of the protest against the exclusion”.

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