Chavista mobs have attacked Juan Guaidó, president in charge of Venezuela, this afternoon in a meeting room in San Carlos, capital of the llanero state of Cojedes, after a political act. The revolutionary radicals surprised the opposition leader and his team at the premises and took them out with blows, shoves, blows from chairs and stones. The protection of several supporters managed to prevent the onslaught from becoming greater in an attack that has caused several injuries.

Already last week another group of radicals, led by municipal leaders of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), attacked opponents who were preparing a political rally in Maracaibo, capital of the border state of Zulia. The decisive response of the opponents, who threw a shower of chairs against the Chavistas, prevented the president of the democratic Parliament from being attacked.

“I tell Maduro clearly: we are here and we are going to be here until we achieve democracy in our country with our people. They are going to see us throughout the country, we are not going to back down. A week ago they wanted to sabotage, I would say that They came out with the boards on their heads, but it was with the chairs on their heads that they came out,” Guaidó stressed after finishing the proselytizing act and minutes before the new aggression.

Participating in this tour is Freddy Superlano, the Popular Will leader who defeated Hugo Chávez’s brother in the Barinas elections, but who was subsequently disqualified by the regime. The regional elections were repeated with the same results.

The Chavista media and collaborationist circles with the Bolivarian regime have tried to simulate that both actions are the product of internal divisions within the opposition and not yet another of the attacks suffered by the leader since his accession to the presidency of the National Assembly in January 2019.

“This is the script of the tyranny: physically attack Juan Guaidó with groups of violent bandits. But with their criminal violence they will not be able to stop the political change that the Venezuelan people vehemently await. We reject and condemn their violent acts against Guaidó,” he censored. Andrés Velásquez, leader of La Causa R and an ally of Guaidó.

The opposition leader did not finally attend the Summit of the Americas, despite the fact that the Joe Biden administration valued him until the last minute. The pressure from Mexico and the debate that his presence in Los Angeles would have generated caused the White House to decide to avoid further problems and bet on a phone call between the leaders minutes before the official inauguration on Wednesday. From the government in charge it was justified as a strategic action, despite the fact that during the continental conclave different officials evidenced the kind of “stagnation” in which his strategy on Venezuela finds itself.

After the exclusion of Nicolás Maduro, Washington continues to wait for Chavismo to return to the negotiating table in Mexico after having renewed certain licenses for the US oil companies Chevron, the Italian Eni and the Spanish Repsol to return to the South American country.

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