Have you tried turning off their powers and on again?

First teased as nothing but a mercurial mind , Riot has revealed the most recent broker coming to Valorant–a lean, mean, robot killing machine called KAY/O.

Revealed at a brand new trailer nowadays, Valorant’s most up-to-date broker is about eliminating your opponents benefits. His principal ability is that a throwing knife which adheres to walls and silences enemy abilities at a group radius. Yesthat will make him like Apex Legends’ Revenant, who’s additionally a robot which may throw ability-suppressing projectiles, but the remainder of KAY/O’s toolkit makes him stand out of Respawn’s skeletal assassin.

This effect also forces the bot with battle stim, and when he is downed in this nation, allies are going to have the ability to come and animate him. His other two skills have been a flash and frag grenade respectively, together with the latter sticking to walls and bursting a number of occasions on detonation.

KAY/O’s anti-ability skills make complete sense in the context of Valorant’s continuous interplay between different characters’ skillsets, not to mention the Counter-Strike players one of us will always love the usefulness of a fantastic old flash.


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