Iron Gate Studios shares some more details about Valheim’s first major update.

The Co-op Viking survival video Valheim has been quiet recently. Since July 1, the last update to tweak monster AI was made. There has not been any communication from the developers. Iron Gate Studios has returned from summer break with new information about the Valheim Hearth update and some news about the studio.

All the eager Vikings need to take a look at their forts and begin planning a new addition. You’ll need a treasure room to store all of your loot when Hearth and Home arrives. You can also use your money to build glittering coin stacks and gold coin piles.

Instead of keeping your coins in a boring wooden container or on the floor, you will be able to display your wealth with a treasure chest. You can also make an iron grate, which will allow you to lock your treasures, and let only other Vikings see them through the bars. Don’t touch, but look.

Although it sounds great, I believe that the main reason we have so many coins is because there isn’t much available to buy from Haldor, Valheim’s trader. We’ll have something to spend our coins on in the future, Hearth and Home, or another update.

The developers have not yet revealed when Hearth and Home will be available. They say they are “still on track to deliver it this quarter. As always, we appreciate your kindness and patience.”


A bit of good news is also available. This might be because Valheim updates will occur more often, as the five-person studio has added more people. Next month will see the start of work for a new animator, programmer, and QA manager. It is always nice to have a few more co-op members.


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