Give enemies the boot, correctly, with additional knockback and vertical launching.

As we have mentioned before, kicking in matches is the very best thing that you can do with your digital foot.

And you may kick in Valheim, however, the vanilla kick does not actually kick butt. Until today. Lighter enemies, such as the lowly greydwarf, will be emptied into the atmosphere by your powerful boot. Heavier enemies may not get started, however they will nevertheless be knocked back more than they’re generally. The mod lets you kick while holding a weapon, so if you are getting mobbed and running out of endurance, you can knock enemies off and give yourself another or two of living space.

It is not a one-size-kicks-all bargain, either. As you level up your unarmed ability, your kick will grow more powerful. Wearing thicker leg armor will offer your kick more push, and you receive a bonus out of enemies that have been staggered.

And if you are concerned about kicking something hard their loot becomes sprinkled because they sail off a cliff, then do not. On a killing blow, your powerful boot will not lift the enemy into the air and send them flying, so it will only knock back them so that you can more readily collect the spoils. That is a thoughtful feature.

Most amusingly, the mod provides just a tiny text on display when you kick that states BOOT or even YEET or BYE. It is kinda cute! If you disagree, then the text could be turned off from the mod’s config file. Take a look in action.


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