Under a week past, viking survival match Valheim surpassed three million earnings , a landmark it achieved in under three weeks, causing us to wonder if it may be among the greatest hits in Steam’s history.

The newest million comes only a couple of days later Valheim broke the 500,000 parallel participant mark, temporarily moving it beyond Dota two to become the 2nd most played sport on Steam.

Other interesting pieces of trivia:

Valheim has over 86,000 user testimonials on Steam, 96% of which are favorable
Currently in 57th place (at last check) on the listing of Steam’s best 250 best-reviewed games.
Complete playtime currently adds up to over 10,000 years–“That is 3,649,980 more times compared to 20 days it’s been around Steam Early Accessibility,” Iron Gate explained.
Fans also have sunk 28 million hours in to viewing Valheim gameplay flows.
“I really don’t believe I’ve had the time to consider it,” explained Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson. “I understand that gamers enjoy the game a great deal, but at precisely the exact same time I believe I can create something much better later on. I am excited about adding more information to the match, particularly working on the rest of the biomes.”

“I had been describing Valheim into a buddy over a year ago because a match which made me feel the way I felt when I fell in love in matches for the very first time,” Coffee Stain Publishing CEO Albert Säfström explained. “Up until three months ago I believed this was a exceptional link I had with Valheim. Seeing the extraordinary reception from players at those past weeks has made me realise that Valheim is something really special, not just for me personally, but for much more gamers than I might have imagined.”

Svensson also stated that while he expects to get the newest Mistlands biome revealed from the current growth roadmap finish at the end of the calendar year, it might wind up taking more:”I truly don’t wish to worry that the evolution, which never ends ”

The way things are moving, I get the impression he does not have to hurry.

If you are new to Valheim, we have got an extremely handy manual to the recent biomes, in addition to a number of the ideal world seeds which you may love playing with.


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