Danny Santulli is 19 years old but will need someone to take care of him for the rest of his life after suffering extensive brain damage in a college hazing last October.

The young man is back at his parents’ house after several months in a Colorado hospital, according to his lawyer David Bianchi, who has described the hazing as “the worst in history.”

His return does not mean that his condition has changed: “He has massive brain damage, he is blind, he is unable to speak or communicate.”

The brain damage was due to his alcohol intoxication: while taking his oath to enter a college fraternity, “they put a tube in his mouth and made him drink large amounts of alcohol. He was not of legal drinking age.”

Santulli’s family has said in an interview with ABCNews, that in addition to the sanctions, they want no other student to go through what the young man experienced.

According to the civil lawsuit cited by ABCNews, a series of surveillance images inside the fraternity house shows a group of young people who would be victims of an initiation ritual that consists of drinking an entire bottle of vodka during the event.

“They were given the bottle of alcohol and then they drank from it and they were taken upstairs and for the next two hours, they drank and drank and drank,” David Bianchi, the family’s attorney, told ABCNews.

Around 11am, the cameras show Santulli losing his balance. His classmates take him out of the room and take him to a sofa. Nearly two hours later, another fraternity member finds him unconscious on the floor and carries him back onto the couch.

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