Hundreds of people gathered this Sunday in a square in New York on the occasion of Gay Pride staged a stampede by mistaking the sound of fireworks for gunshots.

“There were no shots fired in Washington Square Park. After an investigation, it was determined that the sounds were fireworks launched from the location,” the New York Police Department clarified shortly after in a tweet.

The New York police information service assured that “there were no serious injuries” in the stampede, although it could not determine how many people had been injured in any way.

Videos of people running or walking fast and scared down a street adjacent to the square, in a city where the use of firearms is becoming more frequent, could be seen on social networks.

Tens of thousands of people attended this Sunday under an inclement sun to the Gay Pride parade through the streets of lower Manhattan, in a festive atmosphere, although overshadowed by the decision of the Supreme Court to suppress the constitutional right to abortion, leaving in the hands of the states legislate in this regard.

The Planned Parenthood organization was one of those who attended this first parade after two years of the pandemic.

For the organizers of the Big Apple parade, the most important in the United States next to San Francisco, the decision of the Supreme Court on Friday, which ends almost five decades of protection and freedom of reproductive health, is “catastrophic” .

“This dangerous decision puts millions in a dangerous situation, gives the government control over individual freedom to choose, and sets a worrying precedent that puts other constitutional rights and freedoms in jeopardy,” organizers said.

Many fear that the repeal of the federal right to abortion could be the beginning of a much broader attack by the high court, dominated by a conservative majority, to curtail freedoms conquered in recent decades, such as contraception or same-sex marriage. sex.

One of the most emblematic buildings in New York, the Empire State Building, was illuminated at night with the colors of the rainbow flag of the LGBTI movement

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