58% of Americans believe that Donald Trump should be brought to justice for his supporters’ assault on Capitol Hill on January 6. This is indicated by a survey carried out by Ipsos for the ABC television network and carried out when the investigation commission of the United States House of Representatives is holding a series of public hearings on the attack.

In these hearings, the idea is being transmitted that Trump actively and consciously tried to carry out a coup in the United States with the collaboration of several of his advisers and, also, members of Congress itself. Several former Trump advisers have testified under oath that the then-president and his aides illegally tried to reverse the outcome in four of the eight states they needed to win (Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia), and that the president allowed that his followers launched threats against public officials and even elected officials of his own party who complied with the law and refused to give in to his blackmail.

Before the House sessions, 52% of Americans believed that there are reasons to launch legal action against Trump, which shows that the hearings, designed to have the maximum media impact possible, are having an effect on public opinion. 60% of those surveyed believe that the commission is acting impartially.

What is not at all clear is that the US Department of Justice is going to denounce Trump. The government of Joe Biden seems to be afraid of the reaction of the followers of the former president, despite the signs that are accumulating and to which public opinion is having access.

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