Photos of Boris Johnson happily toasting wine with Downing Street staff on November 13, 2020, in the second Covid lockdown, have reopened the ‘Partygate’ scandal five days after Scotland Yard closed the investigation.

The images, revealed by the ITV network, are among the more than 500 photographs examined by the London police, who, however, exempted the ‘premier’ for his participation in this party and fined him only 100 pounds (118 euros) for celebrating his birthday in June 2020.

The diffusion of the photos takes place in the prelude to the full publication of the internal report of the ‘Partygate’ of the high civil servant Sue Gray that threatens to reactivate the political pressure on the prime minister. According to several British media, Johnson even had a meeting with Gray before the partial and censored dissemination of the report, which still directly blamed the ‘premier’ for “lack of leadership” for allowing up to 12 acts investigated for alleged violations. of the Covid rules.

In his appearances in Parliament, Johnson even initially denied the celebration of that farewell party for communication chief Lee Cain on November 13, 2020. At the insistence of the deputy Catherine West, the ‘premier’ finally responded: ” I am sure that, whatever happened, the rules in force were complied with.”

In photos revealed by ITV, Johnson can be seen raising a glass of wine and speaking to, apparently, at least three members of his staff. Next to him, on a chair, a briefcase can be seen, along with bottles of alcohol and empty glasses.

“While the British were making great sacrifices, Boris Johnson was breaking the law,” Labor’s number two Angela Rayner said. “When he repeatedly stated that the rules had been followed, he was lying. Johnson made the rules and broke them himself.”

Johnson’s former strategist, Dominic Cummings, warned in advance that the ‘Partygate’ photos would “contradict” the ‘premier’ testimony to the police. The British Parliament has decided to open an investigation into whether Johnson deliberately lied about ‘Partygate’ before the House of Commons.

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