Prince Charles will renounce receiving large sums of money destined for his social foundations, according to an official source, after the scandal uncovered by ‘The Sunday Times’ for which the heir to the British throne received three million euros. Some of the money was delivered in shopping bags. The ‘Sunday Times’ had reported that Carlos received three amounts in cash from Qatari Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani between 2011 and 2015.

Carlos’ office has explained that the money was delivered to one of his charities following the proper channels and has given guarantees that due process has been respected. “As we have already said throughout the weekend, the money was transferred directly to the charities, and it was these entities that decided to accept the money. It is a decision that they made, as they have confirmed; they have followed all the appropriate processes,” explained a source on condition of anonymity.

“The Prince of Wales always acts advised. Situations and context change over the years. I can say with certainty that, for more than five years, this had not happened and will not happen again.”

The ‘Sunday Times’ has stated that the payments do not have to be illegal, but the anti-monarchist lobby Republic has sent a letter to the British Commission for Charities to request an investigation in this regard.

In November, Michael Fawcett, Prince Charles’s right-hand man for decades, resigned from his posts after heading one of the main British royal foundations weeks after ‘The Sunday Times’ revealed that he had offered decorations in exchange for donations.

Police and the Charities Commission are investigating these allegations. A spokesman for the prince had already stated that Carlos was never aware of such actions by his collaborator.

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