1.- The Treasury is now investigating the Emeritus for the hunts to which he was invited after his abdication in 2014

It requires the Emeritus to justify who paid for the flights and the expenses derived from the monterías to which he went after his abdication and claims all these operations between 2014 and 2018 through administrative channels.

2.- The test of the 9 of the PSOE is played in Dos Hermanas, the impregnable socialist fort in which Felipe gathered 25,000 people

Voting for the PSOE is almost a family tradition. Nothing other than the left has ever entered here and up to twenty socialist positions will soon have a street in their gazetteer

3.- An activist, a deputy and a gym instructor: the Russians who said “no” to war

Sasha Skochilenko was imprisoned. Konstantin was fined. Nina Belyayeva’s face is on the wanted list of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

4.- In the head of a National Police negotiator: “Our weapon is knowing how to listen; we can never lie to a kidnapper”

Specialized agents face extreme situations, where they try to persuade entrenched people with hostages or stop suicide attempts

5.- A market upside down: Europe faces a transfer window conditioned by the blockade of Barcelona

The problems of the Barça club to incorporate Lewandowski entangle the puzzle

6.- Seven ‘gastro’ novelties that are going to heat up (a lot) the summer

From the reopening of the centennial Café Barbieri to the new headquarters of already consolidated restaurants, passing through the landing of renowned Latin American chefs and sustainable projects of young entrepreneurs. The hotel offer in Madrid does not stop growing

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