1.- The invoices of the corrupt plot: The PSOE of Valencia paid 6,000 euros per quarter to the Azud intermediary

José Luis Vera charged for legal services of the party whose charges were bribed by the alleged leader, Jaime Febrer

2.- Hunting with the Ukrainian night guard

The country led by Zelenski watches its cities after curfew in search of saboteurs and Russian infiltrators

3.- The right hand of Errejón raised before a notary the minutes of the fictitious assembly to constitute More Country

Pablo Gómez Perpinyà was the one who formalized the agreements of the supposed meeting that never took place

4.- The ‘narcoseñor de los cielos’ was the boss of the feared Panda del Moco, the pimp group of good children from Madrid

In the 1980s, ‘el Judío’, as he is known, founded, together with his friend ‘el Francés’, the posh gang that beat up other young people of the same age in nightclubs in the Spanish capital. They robbed banks, held up armored cars. Until one ended up in the Army and the other opened a round-trip coca airlift between Europe and Latin America.

5.- Nadal knocks down Djokovic in a fast-paced early morning and meets Zverev in the semifinals

The Mallorcan beat the last winner of the tournament in a great match lasting four hours and 12 minutes (6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6 [4]).

6.- The race to save all our secrets of quantum computers

When these machines exist, any secret on the Internet would be vulnerable with the current encryption system. The White House asks to speed up the transition to a new cryptography that defends our privacy from these computers

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