1.- Weapons in the US, a self-destructive passion rooted in history

It is estimated that each year there are between 12,000 and 13,000 murders, about 1,000 accidents, and about 6,000 suicides with weapons in the United States.

2.- The emails reveal that the Interior was “predisposed to collaborate” with the tribute to the police before vetoing it

The promoters highlighted that the ministry had lent itself for the act against ETA that it later stopped

3.- In the labyrinth of the ‘packs’: why more and more adolescents are sexual aggressors

The trickle of cases, increasingly large, has triggered the concern of citizens. Everyone wonders why young people are the protagonists of an increasing number of sexual assaults. Is it the increasingly early access to wild pornography through mobile phones? The lack of sex education adapted to our times? The influence of cultures less respectful of women than Western ones? Or even an unexpected corkage effect after more than two years of restrictions due to the pandemic?

4.- Goodbye to the ‘stock’ of new housing: in 5 months there will be nothing left in Madrid

The sales boom leaves the park of available homes in the capital at just 1,500

5.- The reasons why Madrid is interested in an agonizing outcome in Paris

The goals achieved in the final in the tournament, the less wear and tear in May and the experience mean that Madrid favors a balanced match against Liverpool. Klopp says they should avoid it

6.- Jordi Cruz: “It amuses me to play the dodgy: I’m not funny, but I’m very good at being an asshole”

Jordan Cruz. Manresa, 1978. On TV he is the tough face of MasterChef, but outside he is one of the great Spanish chefs (six Michelin stars) and a most pleasant conversationalist. He now publishes the Four Houses recipe book.

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