1.- The Emeritus strains his relationship with Zarzuela to the limit on his return to Spain

Casa Real could not confirm until late yesterday his arrival in Sanxenxo today, after days of rumours. He will meet his friends before the King, whom he will visit next Monday

2.- Hostomel, the city that prevented Putin from overthrowing Zelensky

The Russians entrenched themselves in the Liceo 2 School as they were unable to take the Antonov airport, the apocalyptic scenario of their defeat

3.- Clues to the monkeypox outbreak: less immunity due to not being vaccinated and greater exposure to virus reservoirs

Those born before 1980 could have protection against the virus due to the immunity that the smallpox vaccine gives them, as experts point out

4.- Rents run amok and intensify the maelstrom of increases despite the Government’s limit

In Huelva, rents shot up 41.1%; in Lugo, 18.7%; in Segovia, 17.7%; in Malaga, 17.2%… and so on until completing practically all the Spanish provinces

5.- Poirier and the rebirth of Real Madrid: “We wondered what was happening, we doubted”

The French center, key in the Whites’ resurgence during the quarterfinals against Maccabi, and one of Pablo Laso’s fittest players, is hungry for the first Final Four of his career. This Thursday, semifinal against Barcelona (9:00 p.m.)

6.- In Madrid there is a beach (that of the Virgen de la Nueva) and it has a blue flag

The beach of Virgen de la Nueva, in the San Juan reservoir, receives another year (and three) the ‘Blue Flag’. We tell you why you have to visit that place now that the heat is on

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