1.- The Madrid summit forces Pedro Sánchez to double military spending in the short term

NATO warns that higher defense investment targets will be set in two years

2.- From Zapatero sitting by the flag to the “indispensable partner”: 20 years of tense relationship with the US

Zapatero, with Bush, and Sánchez, with Trump, strained relations between Spain and the US Administration

3.- When cancer sneaks into your sister’s room: “She always goes with a bucket when she sees her vomit”

Every year, a thousand pediatric cancers are diagnosed in Spain. The other ‘convalescents’ are also children. Many mature suddenly, feel new fears or wrap themselves in a sad silence. But all are key in the recovery of the patient

4.- “H.P both alive and Ana María dies”

The obituary of some children that goes viral because of what that HP means: “Both Son of a Putero loose and our mother died.” We talk to the children

5.- Alberto Contador’s keys to winning the Tour de France

The last Spanish champion in France agrees with the favoritism of the Slovenian, but warns: “Roglic and Vingegaard have a very powerful group” 6.- Closes Casa Toribio, the temple of the fighting bull’s tail: “The pandemic took many of my great clients

After 28 years, the Sales classic opens today for the last time: “I’ve had a bad Fair, because of the staff and because of everything, and I want to leave it,” says its owner, Toribio Anta

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