1.- Sánchez recovers his ‘Survival Manual’ and launches himself “against the economic powers and their terminals”

The Government approves a package of measures that includes direct aid for incomes of less than 14,000 euros and a reduction in the transport pass

2.- The unbearable smell of death in the Nador morgue

The story of the EL MUNDO envoy from the mortuary where the bodies of 37 victims of the assault on the Melilla fence have been transferred

3.- Forty years of Spain in NATO, the decision that embedded the country in modernity

Spanish entry into the Alliance meant expanding the focus of security to the south. Now it’s up to Pedro Sánchez to consolidate it

4.- Middle East: living confined in the closet

The daily life of homosexuals in a long list of countries marked by conservative interpretations of Islam goes through the fear of revealing their condition and the refuge in silence

5.- To what extent do transgender athletes have an advantage?

Doctors, sports directors and graduates in Sports Sciences expose the biological and physiognomic aspects produced by the gender transition process

6.- The pending tasks of a Nadal who is firmly on the Wimbledon grass

“There is still a bit of everything to do: refine the serve, the return and the backhand and interpret the boat better, but there is time”, says Francis Roig, his coach

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