1.- Podemos prepares a hot summer for Sánchez against military spending

Plan conferences and debates opposing the increase in defense spending. Moncloa advances a “complex” negotiation and the ‘purples’ warn that Sánchez has the entire left “against”

2.- My last days with Shrimp in the US: three boxes, shyness and that lethal ‘spot’

30 years after the death of the genius, the LOC journalist remembers what those days were like when she was with Camarón and her family, where they were treating her for lung cancer

3.- The letter from ‘Kantauri’ to order the assassination of Miguel Ángel Blanco: “Put all your strength into removing a PP councilor”

The Civil Guard investigation that proves that ‘Antza’, ‘Kantauri’, ‘Iñaki de Rentería’ and ‘Anboto’ gave the order to kill him and did nothing to prevent the terrorists under their orders from shooting him. two are free

4.- Netflix’s plan before its imminent crash: a television with ads of a lifetime

The latest storms in the world of streaming (including the loss of two million subscribers) make platforms think of advertising and general programs as a lifeline

5.- The bloody balance of El Chiqui and his 13 hours entrenched: “Son of a bitch, look how I’ve taken your life”

He kills a neighbor, wounds a lieutenant colonel and surrenders after 13 hours entrenched

6.- Vicente Marín, a movie life between Ava Gardner, the marquis who left her the inheritance and the crime count of Serrano

The couple of the Count of Atarés lives retired in a town in Soria between works of art and memories of his extraordinary life. But the peace of Bretún has been broken with the crime of the aristocrat’s nephew: “He also threatened me,” he assures LOC

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