1.- The appearance of dozens of invoices reveals bribes to officials of the Valencian PSOE and a possible illegal financing of the party

A lawyer linked to the party in Valencia mediated between leaders and a corrupt plot

2.- Trip to little Mariupol

Officials and volunteers of the city taken by Russia help from Zaporizhia

3.- The new Celaá Law textbooks: covers that imitate rock festival posters and political “activism” “to change the world”

Teachers denounce that school manuals “infantilize” students and reproduce the entire ideology of the Government

4.- My nightmare in a Chinese gulag: “I dream that I am there again, tied to the cot, standing for hours and hours”

Gulbahar Haitiwaji spent two and a half years in one of the camps where the communist regime ‘re-educates’ the Uyghur minority. She suffered torture and her family left her for dead when they lost contact. A book of hers now offers the shocking testimony of her as her survivor.

5.- The triumph of the antigalactic Real Madrid

The first Champions after Cristiano highlights the quiet commitment of Modric, Kroos or Benzema, the commitment to young people like Vinicius and Valverde, and sentences Bale’s laxity and ego

6.- Jaime Mesía Figueroa, the aristocrat friend of criminals, robbers and corrupt policemen

Grandson of the first Count of Romanones, his desire for adventure and fondness for dangerous friendships made him a regular figure in the underworld of the 70s and 80s

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