1.- The US cools the priority of the ‘southern flank’ that Spain claims

The Mediterranean and North Africa are not among the strategic priorities for the Atlantic Alliance

2.- The Army “at half gas” of Spain: consumes 60% of spending on personnel and ‘saves’ on weapons

Spain is the second country that spends the least money with respect to its GDP, only ahead of Luxembourg

3.- The security forces fear that Algeria has relaxed control on its border with Morocco to pressure Spain with immigration

It would be causing the eastern route of African immigration, which usually goes through Egypt, Libya and Tunisia to other Mediterranean countries, to turn towards North Africa

4.- Exhuming the granddaughter of Christopher Columbus to find out who was the discoverer of America

Researcher Carmen García looks for the DNA of the Admiral’s descendants to compare it with that of the Galician family of the Sotomayors and check if she is right. She maintains that Christopher Columbus was actually Pedro Álvarez de Sotomayor

5.- Las Colmenas de la M-30: between the sociological experiment, the small apartments of the ‘darlings’ of the regime and the clan of the Bananas

These recognizable brutalist buildings, on the edge of the ring road, widened the limits of the capital. Its beginnings were wild, welcoming thousands of families with hardly any public endowments.

6.- Within ‘The Evening of Year 2’, the historical event of Ibai Llanos that is already a Twitch record: “If Ibai mounts it, I had to say yes”

THE WORLD entered the Badalona Olympic Pavilion, where a night was lived that will be remembered by an entire generation: “This can only be overcome if I fight. And I will fight. I am already preparing myself,” says Ibai

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