1.- Alarm in the PSOE in Andalusia when it is unable to mobilize its electorate

The pre-election survey of the Andalusian Studies Center indicates that the participation compared to 2018 would rise three points, to be around 60%, but the socialists would not grow

2.- This is how the polls are in Andalusia: the PP, on the way to a historic victory in the traditional socialist barn

The average of polls, including the CIS, consolidates Moreno and places him close to the absolute majority

3.- One hundred days surviving in Kharkov without water or electricity and among corpses

The Russians reduce to rubble an old and prosperous neighborhood in the town of Saltivka

4.- The whatsapps prove that the head of the ports informed Armengol of the contests that he rigged

Gual de Torrella sent messages to the president about the “arrangement” of the contest of the Ibiza yacht club and when he told her that the Justice had knocked him down, the socialist leader replied: “Fuck! Bad news”

5.- The family and the Church work to promote the canonization of the ‘skateboard hero’: “I always try to be merciful”

This Friday marks five years since the murder of Ignacio Echeverría when he was going to help two victims of a jihadist commando in London

6.- The operation that threatens Rafa Nadal’s last years: “Surely he should retire”

The tennis player announces a decision on his left foot for after Roland Garros, but the alternatives are few. “An intervention would leave him without pain, but also without movement”

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