Passively cooled graphics cards are not just new: the very first 3D cards began this way after all. However, these times any passive cards you will find will be a lot lower down the merchandise pile than Nvidia’s RTX 3080. That has not stopped the creator of TureMetal Cooling, Mical Wong, by catching Nvidia’s greatest and putting it through its paces however, using a predictable effect of this giving up the ghost 257 moments afterwards.

In order to the poor, bad Asus TUF RTX 3080 Gaming utilized for the experimentation, it was not only a match that Mr Wong has been pushing the card but the famously torturous FurMark benchmark. It is a’standard’ that pushes your system a lot more than any sport does, and is normally reserved for making certain your machine is totally stable.

In light of this, getting more than 4 minutes is remarkable.

Power consumption was not too bad , at 410W to the entire system. The graphics card has been accountable for 347W.

The main reason it did not immediately combust is since Mr Wong was utilizing one of his very own creations to cool the RTX 3080, the TureMetal UP10, that is an instance equipped with passive cooling in your mind –it’s fins all over the exterior of this circumstance, together with heating pipes linking to the CPU and this poor, weak GPU. That event prices $770 from the way.

I can not help wondering if the RTX 3070 could have been a much better test topic.


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