Can not wait to find another trailer in which a sword tells me the way rad videogames are.

I really don’t know whether you’ve heard but match demos come back, baby. This past year, the indie arena of programmers making spooky matches with PlayStation-era images gather a free anthology of 17 menacing oddities known as the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc. Its founders are coming in the territory of wobbling textures and giant polygons using a sequel, the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021, that will comprise 25 demos for upcoming retro matches with low-fi artwork.

Much like last year, it will not be a true, physical disk, but rather a package of Windows executables accessed through a launcher using a UI reminiscent of those olden days. One of this year’s inclusions are Agony of a Death MMO,”a story horror game that occurs in the last moments of a massively multiplayer online game ahead of its servers closed down for good”, The Lunar Impact, a fixed-camera terror game in the Resident Evil/Silent Hill/Alone from the Dark style where you’ve got to solve puzzles to escape a mansion, also tmOD, a”Cursed enjoy letter/demake on classic gmod along with also the hl2 modding scene”.

The sword who I presume is in control of things is not overly rigorous about definitions, since the FAQ describes, stating that”not every game must be 3D or possess the specific visual quirks of any particular hardware. In a similar manner we don’t need the matches to have a rigorous horror theme, rather they are sometimes atmospheric, possess a minor unnerving twist or perhaps just feel of this age we can not resist enjoying them and needing them at the group.”

It’ll comprise playable demos of those 25 games:

Agony of a Passing MMO, by Salem Hughes
An Outcry, by Quinn K.
Apolysis, by From Dusk Until Dawn
Chasing Static, by Headware Games
Fiend’s Isle, by Ian Williams
Ghastly Goodies, by Cyreides
Lorn’s Lure, by Rubeki
Loveland, by DevHour Games
Mummy Sandbox, by z_bill
Pathogen-X, by sodaraptor
Peeb Adventuresby Johnny
Protagoras Bleedsby Bryce Bucher
Risu, by Ryan Trawick
Nevertheless Ridge, by Justen”Jaybee” Brown
What Gave Chaseby Aslak Karlsen Hauglid
The Chameleon, by Antonio Freyre
The Drowning Machine, by Aidan Cushing
The Heilwald Loophole, by Jan Malitschek
The Lunar Impact, by Negative Entities
The Salt Order, by Khamelot
tmOD, by Tobias Mihura
Toree 3D, by SIACTRO
散歩 — Walk, by Kazumi Games


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