CD Projekt’s mobile Witcher AR-game will be available later in the month. It will be the summer fad of this year.

The screenshots of The Witcher: Monster Slayer crack me up. It’s an AR mobile game similar to Pokemon Go. You search for creatures using your phone’s camera. But it’s based upon The Witcher so you might encounter a big-eyed Bulbasaur on your roof or a mutilated horse at the park. It’s very nice!

Today’s news is that The Witcher : Monster Slayer will be released for iOS and Android on July 21st. Spokko, the Polish developer who created The Witcher RPG Trilogy’s Monster Slayer, made it. The developer states that you won’t meet CD Projekt’s Geralt in a Starbucks. Monster Slayer was created “long before the time when Geralt of Rivia” though. (Way back before Starbucks existed, I suppose.


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