And they have dropped some obscure hints about what is next.

While the group is working remotely, it is discovering some new offices that are new, employing a lot of new gift… and it’s determined to purchase a pony (aka a little Horse).

We collaborated with our buddies at Skövde ryttarförening (Sköve riding team ) for them a brand new horse (technically pony) to their riding college. Is not she a wonder? You will surely see more of her later on. (this doesn’t necessarily mean that we will introduce horses into the match, but it will imply that Iron Gate will require field trips into the stables to satisfy our four legged colleague).”

“The upgrade is beginning to take shape and the last month has been quite productive, with lots of new mechanics and items being finalized. There are of course a lot more things we would like to make prior to the upgrade is published, as we do not wish to hurry it.” The article provides that the studio will not set a launch date until it is”in a country which we can currently present,” and guarantees more upgrades in June.

Additionally, it comes with a few zoomed-in teaser pictures, so in the event that you’d like an extremely close look in a little bit of fencing, boy you are in luck.

While the official upgrades are clearly a huge deal, 1 factor of Valheim’s continuing success has been the rapid rise of a big and innovative modding community. Whether or not you would like to design enormous ships or merely have a tear on Odin’s powerful magical bong, players are constructing incredible things on its own base. What I am saying is: anticipate a Valheim that the Pony mod daily now.


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