The US government has announced an additional US$400 million military aid package for Ukraine, with weapons of “greater precision capability.”

A high-ranking Defense Department official has explained that this new package contains four High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and ammunition for these long-range projectiles.

This type of weaponry, as he has said, “is being very important and effective in helping Ukraine” when it comes to fighting Russian artillery in Donbas.

“What we are seeing now is how the US has increased its systems and missiles themselves, with which Ukraine is successfully hitting Russian positions in Ukraine across the front lines and disrupting their ability to carry out artillery operations,” he said. detailed the person in charge of the Pentagon.

The new assistance includes three tactical vehicles to help with supply and material recovery tasks, as well as 1,000 pieces of 155-millimeter artillery ammunition, “with greater precision and offering Ukraine the ability to accurately attack targets specific,” said the official.

The source pointed out that until now the US had not provided this type of precision ammunition to Ukraine and that this package represents an evolution in assistance to kyiv, which is engaged in the struggle for control of the Donbas region, in the east. ukrainian

The aid, which contains ammunition for demolition and anti-artillery radar systems, among others, will arrive in Ukraine in the next two weeks and will be sent to Donbas.

The US official added that the security assistance that her country grants to Ukraine “is clearly shaped” based on the requests of kyiv, which wants weapons to counter Russian operations in Donbas.

“Those are the capacities that we are providing them, they have not asked for attack weapons,” he indicated.

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