Nacon states a clause in its contract with Frogwares provides is a lawful right to do exactly what it did. It returned in January after a French court judgment, but was removed . A couple of days after, it declared that the newest Steam launch was”cracked and pirated,” and compelled its elimination using a DMCA takedown notice.

Nacon now claims it had a right to set the match back Steam, calling Frogwares’ recent remarks”competitive and prejudicial.”
The move was the latest step in an escalating dispute involving Frogwares and writer Nacon, which started in April 2020.

Now, Nacon issued an announcement in reaction to the match’s latest elimination from Steam, replicating its assertion that it’s”contractually the only exclusive distributor of this Sinking City on Steam,” and despite Frogwares’ claimsit has paid the programmer exactly what it owes.

“Before, Frogwares has relied on accusations seeing a deficiency of payment to deny delivery of this match on Steam, at which point they attempted to unsuccessfully finish the arrangement,” Nacon explained. “The Paris Court of Appeal termed this activity’manifestly unlawful’; ordering the continuation of this contract and inviting Frogwares to enlarge’from any actions which would impede these agendas’.

“In accord with the courts’ conclusion, Nacon has repeatedly and repeatedly asked that Frogwares create the game on Steam, failing that it would employ a clause in the contract wherein such a circumstance, the match could be accommodated by another party. Frogwares then tried, with no understanding of Nacon and in breach of our faith, to make the game accessible on Steam without even mentioning Nacon in its capacity as the writer. That is, so clear evidence that no specialized impossibility prevents the game from being placed back on Steam.”

This paragraph is very interesting as it implies that the core components of Frogwares’ assert –which Nacon”accommodated” another build of the game for launch on Steam–are true, but also stakes out its contractual right to do so. I really don’t have access to this contract, however if this is actually the situation it goes a ways toward explaining why Nacon was prepared to take what seemed to be such a rash risk to acquire a two-year-old match back .

For the time being, The Sinking City stays from Steam, even though you can still pick this up on Origin, that the Microsoft Store, Gamesplanet (in which Nacon supposedly got the backup it place on Steam), and everywhere. Nacon said that it regrets the battle and the elimination of this match from Steam, and warned that it”reserves the right to take legal actions against Frogwares because of its competitive and prejudicial remarks”

I have achieved to Nacon to learn more on the contractual clause it states grants it the right to upload altered assembles of this Sinking City to Steam with no Frogwares’ acceptance, and will update when I get a response.


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