The Ninja Gaiden games will operate in 4K 60 fps, but do not anticipate unlocked framerates or even ultrawide.

The programmers formerly confirmed the collection would operate at around 4K and 60 fps, but it is not likely to get the extensive graphics alternatives of Team Ninja’s most up-to-date PC game Nioh two as per a PC Gamer meeting with manufacturer Fumihiko Yasuda.

I inquired Yasuda when the Master Collection’s PC port could contain attributes like 120 fps service and ultrawide resolutions. “The Steam variant does not have complex graphics choices, but runs in 1080p, 60fps, also when hardware requirements are fulfilled it will automatically operate in 4K and 60fps,” Yasuda said. “The resolution and fps may change throughout gameplay, and of course to perform 4K players need to get a 4K TV or monitor”

There is another little disappointment for PC players: Yasuda explained that the Steam port just works with a control, and doesn’t have keyboard/mouse support. I believe that the huge majority of Ninja Gaiden gamers would rather play a control, anyhow, but it’s odd to find a PC jack in 2021 with no standard keyboard/mouse mapping.

There’s 1 situation where I really expected to observe that a lesser framerate–the wonderful stairway struggle in Ninja Gaiden two , which packaged numerous enemies on screen it slowed the Xbox 360 into a crawl on launch. The downturn actually made that instant more memorable, but it was patched to operate more easily. Regrettably, I could not convince Yasuda to sabotage the Collection’s functionality only for me personally.

A shame. If modders handle the Master Collection and then figure out methods to improve the framerate or include ultrawide support, perhaps they will throw in a synthetic framerate limiter to recreate Ninja Gaiden two’s greatest moment.


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