Counter-Strike’s competitive appeal is based on the clutch. These can happen in almost any situation where one team is outnumbered. However, I would argue that the classic clutch is the most pure of all clutches. It is a 1vs4 scenario centered around a ticking bomb. These are the moments when legends are made, when the greatest players in the world demonstrate why they are the best. Then, everyone else gets one-shot.

Counter-Striker KlenKluke captured one moment of genius and decided to edit it. This isn’t a mod. It’s just an extremely cool video.

There is so much to see and admire (aside from the sick aim). You can switch between inventory icons at bottom. The bomb timer’s recreation is in Minecraft fashion. There’s even a little death text. And, of course, the fact the AK-47 fires arrows at the Counter-Terrorists. To make it look like the elements fit together, the creator has also played with the aspect ratio.

The thing that took the most work is Minecraft’s music. It’s a calming and chilled-out piece of music. It transforms a stressful moment into a zen experience by layering it on top of it. The Minecraft music is so hypnotic that you can’t even imagine the CTs getting a shot in.


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