82% of Spaniards have acknowledged feeling ashamed of their body when going to the beach or the pool, according to a recent survey carried out by TopDoctors, and in the case of women under 30, this figure increases to 92 %.

The survey has revealed that there are more and more people who decide to take care of themselves throughout the year (45%) although, the arrival of summer, causes 43% of Spaniards to be influenced by social pressure or what their environment thinks of their physique . This negative influence is much greater in the case of young women (less than 30 years old), where the figure increases to almost 70% of them who question themselves due to external criticism.

Summer is a period in which people decide to go on diets. Specifically, according to Topdoctors, they have experienced an increase of 15 to 20%, in relation to these consultations. Thus, one in ten respondents stated that, systematically around these dates, they go on a diet. This group is joined by those who state that, because these years of confinement have taken their toll, this year they are going to do it (15%) and those who, directly, indicate that they spend their lives on a regimen (24%) .

Likewise, 6.5% of those surveyed have claimed to follow ‘fashionable’ diets, recommended by celebrities, influencers or someone they know. From Topdoctors, they point out that it is key to put yourself in the hands of qualified specialists, not only because of the health risks but also because better results will be guaranteed.

Among the goals set by those surveyed, 86% have set some goal, such as losing weight (64%), followed by toning up or building muscle (41%). “The expectation of changing clothes and seeing that last year’s shirt tightens up a bit also encourages us to recharge with sports practice,” said TopDoctors traumatologist Vicente de la Varga.

With regard to the aesthetic treatments most demanded by the Spanish, they are, for the most part, non-invasive. Their demand increases substantially due to the arrival of summer, despite the fact that more than half of those surveyed say they are not interested. In fact, one in four Spaniards recognizes that they spend more money on aesthetic and wellness products or services on these dates.

In this sense, non-invasive body treatments (27%) lead the list, such as massages, pressotherapy, radiofrequency or cavitation; They are followed by facials (23%) such as skin cleansing, peeling or radiofrequency. Regarding those considered invasive, they are a minority among the general population, although facial ones are somewhat more common (7%) compared to body ones (4%). According to the results, those people who acknowledge feeling more ashamed of their body are the ones who resort more to treatments, both non-invasive and surgical interventions.

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