King Juan Carlos I will not be in Sanxenxo this weekend. The father of Felipe VI has changed the initial plans he had, which were to stay twelve days in the Galician municipality, after the meeting he had with his son in Zarzuela on May 23.

Thus, the Emeritus complies with the word given to Felipe VI after that “ample conversation time” that they held behind closed doors two weeks ago. At that meeting, King Felipe explained to his father the damage caused to the Crown by the actions of Don Juan Carlos and the crisis caused by his actions in recent years. In that meeting after two years without seeing each other and which lasted several hours, they again referred to the statement sent by Don Juan Carlos, in which he conveyed his decision to remain a resident in Abu Dhabi and to organize “his personal life and his place of residence in private spheres”.

It was that desire of the King that confronted the way in which he had returned to Spain: through Sanxenxo, without first fulfilling Zarzuela and among crowds. Don Juan Carlos spent three days enjoying the InterRías Trophy in the Galician city before seeing his son. He was seen and even posed for the photographers.

That exhibition annoyed Zarzuela, so Felipe VI asked him for more discretion and reminded him that the only way to dignify his legacy and protect his figure was for Don Juan Carlos to pay attention and listen to his wishes. For the first time, he spoke to her as Head of State, not as a son.

Now, the Father King seems to have pondered. Although sources from Sanxenxo assure that at the moment he has not moved his plans, the truth is that this weekend he is not expected in the city and it has already been ruled out that he remain there for twelve days, as he wanted at first.

Don Juan Carlos will not participate in the Regatta that bears his name, and which is held until June 12. The question now is whether the King’s father will be in the World Cup, Xacobeo 6mR Worlds.

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