In March of 2020, we learned about a set of pupils in the Netherlands that made their own board game according to Stardew Valley. Creator Eric Barone announced today that after more than two decades of job, Stardew Valley: The Board Game is something in fact exists, and is now available for sale.

“For more than two and a half years I have been working together with board game developer Cole Medeiros to earn a board game which captures the gist of Stardew Valley,” Barone stated . We worked hard to earn a board game we all believe is really enjoyable to play and to watch out. I hope you like it!”

The game is designed for 1-4 players, and needs about 45 minutes per player to make it through a full calendar year, although that can be corrected if you’d like to roll through it a bit more quickly. The aim for gamers is to work together to protect the Valley and ultimately chase the Joja Corporation from city by completing Grandpa’s Aims and restoring the local Community Center. The specific aims are randomized from game to game, and principles can be substituted to make it tougher or easier to get things done.

Time, weather, and events have been handled through a deck of cards, and players can advance their starting tool, develop new skills, locate things, and collect resources as the game progress. Appropriately, making friends will also unlock unique gifts and show Community Center bundles, which you will need if you want to throw the corporate yoke.

“Completing the aims may at first seem very hard, but as your abilities increase your farm will become more and more capable,” Barone wrote. “Do not quit!”

The Stardew Valley store page states Barone and Medeiros started working on the game all the way back in 2018. The first year of evolution was spent iterating prototypes and figuring out how to adapt the videogame,”that in essence is a relaxing, continuing experience intentionally left without a strict ending,” into a beginning-to-end board sport, while the second was focused on playtesting and refining the design, and ensuring the art style”felt just right.”

“Cole put in hundreds of weekends and nights, as that has been the only time he had available. And the game is now ready! We truly hope you enjoy it.”

Barone highlighted in the statement that although the game might appear breezy and light-hearted –the type of thing you could put before young children to keep them occupied for awhile–it is actually a fairly serious board game.

“I want to be quite clear with everybody that this game was developed to have some depth and sophistication. It’s easy to play with once you understand the principles, but it’s not a brief, casual game,” he explained. “Please have a look at the rulebook to make sure it’s a fantastic match for you and people you like to play board games with!”

Here’s a sample of what you will find in the principles:

The shop page pointedly reiterates that caution concerning the game’s complexity, going as far as to wave off some prospective clients –although to be honest I doubt that is likely to dissuade many severe Stardew fans.

“It is important to us that as a buyer you understand Stardew Valley: The Board Game is not a casual quick game,” it says. “While it’s easy to perform once you understand the principles, its supposed to be challenging. If your game group or household prefers brief playtimes (less than 45 minutes) using a small number of components and rules, this game might not be a good match”

The store page says they are working to create overseas shipping occur,”but because of the complexity involved at the moment we’re still figuring out the particulars.” You can keep track of how that is progressing and other relevant things about the newest Stardew Valley Board Game discussion forum.


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