The discomfort in his abdominal area were the protagonists of the match that Rafa Nadal played against Taylor Fritz in the Wimbledon quarterfinals. The Balearic tennis player, who is looking to add his third consecutive Grand Slam tournament, has started the clash with great vigor, but in the middle of the first set he has begun to suffer that discomfort that has even forced him to emit a gasp after a serve: ” The p…abdominal.”

In this context, Sebastián Nadal, his father, has not hidden his anger at seeing that his son remained on the London lawn despite showing feelings of discomfort. After several games with these physical discomforts, Nadal has requested a medical time out where he went to the locker room and waited about 10 minutes before returning to the London turf again.

The Balearic tennis player remained on his feet. And although at no time was he comfortable, his serve diminished due to discomfort, he managed to stay in the match and take the victory in a dramatic fifth set that was resolved in a supertiebreak.

Nadal’s tenacity is well known, always ready to fight until the end. Throughout his career he has tried to overcome discomfort to finish his games.

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