“Clearly they endanger our lives.” AC Milan midfielder Tiémoué Bakayoko has denounced the conditions of a recent police check when he was with relatives. Some of it was filmed, spread on social media, and drew heavy criticism.

In the video, the French midfielder, very calm, is searched by a policeman, while he stands with his hands in the air and leaning against a patrol car. Next to him, another member of the security forces points his pistol at the interior of the vehicle that Bakayoko probably got out of.

After a few seconds, a third policeman approaches his partner and the footballer, sheathing his weapon. They exchange a few words and the policeman who was searching Bakayoko seems to recognize him and immediately stops the search.

In a statement quoted by the Italian press, the Milan Prefecture assured that Bakayoko and the other passenger in the vehicle had been searched because they resembled the description made by two suspects in another case and described the accusations of racial discrimination as “inappropriate comments”. against the agents.

“The Milan authorities have reported that it was a police error,” the player said on his Instagram account. “To err is human, I have no problem with that, however the form and methodology that was used is a problem for me.”

In the video, Bakayoko continues, “you don’t see everything, and I think that’s the calmest part of what happened.” And she adds: “I ended up with the gun a meter away from me, in the passenger side window, they clearly put our lives in danger.”

“Why didn’t they just do a check worthy of the name, asking for the vehicle papers, or simply communicating?” Asks the midfielder, who before joining Milan passed through Rennes, Monaco, Chelsea and Naples

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