A group of victims of rapeseed oil has chained itself this morning to the fence of the headquarters of the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Imserso) in Madrid as a sign of protest at the lack of “responses” by the Government after having maintained a meeting with the general directors of Imserso and Disability. In addition, they have started an indefinite hunger strike “until the Presidency or Moncloa responds,” says Carmen Cortés, president and spokesperson for the platform We continue to live, which represents those affected by the toxic syndrome.

“To the victims of the toxic oil syndrome who receive help, sick, with different degrees of severity, mainly women, they continue to force us to depend on our husbands, relatives, etc. We want to be independent, but with enough money to live, we need that it be legislated according to the needs we have due to the suffering we continue to endure, according to today’s society,” they say in a statement.

In the released statement, the association insists that “despite having also held a meeting with the director of the Minister Escrivá, Mrs. Maite Ledo”, on March 15, the Government continues without giving them “answers, nor taking decisions that meet” the needs of this group.

Among the measures they request are that their families be recognized as victims, the creation of a toxic oil syndrome commissioner (SAT) as well as a hospital reference unit specialized in this syndrome at the October 12 Hospital, or further investigation of this illness.

“How many more times will we have to continue claiming our rights with actions that make us lose our failed health?” they reflect.

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