The PP wants to take the Government before the Central Electoral Board for its “electoralist” use of the Council of Ministers and is already evaluating a possible resource. This is how popular sources reveal it to EL MUNDO. The reason: yesterday’s press conference, in which Vice President Yolanda Díaz fully entered the Andalusian elections by approving a plan to fight unemployment in Andalusia, endowed with 50 million euros, and by accompanying it with assessments of the “lack of proposals” from the opposition.

The announcement, addressed only to one community, occurred during the electoral period, just three days before the Andalusian electoral campaign begins, which will hold elections on June 19. That is why the PP is analyzing the possibilities of success of its appeal before the Board, since it believes that the second vice president has been able to skip the Electoral Law.

Article 50.2 of the law stipulates that “from the calling of the elections and until they are held, any act organized or financed, directly or indirectly, by public authorities that contains allusions to the achievements or achievements is prohibited.”

It was for this precept that the Board filed Pedro Sánchez in 2019, after using La Moncloa for an interview held during the electoral period, in which he made “allusions” to his “achievements.” The Board also sanctioned the then minister Isabel Celaá for using the press conference of the Council of Ministers to assess “achievements” of the Government.

Sources from the Central Electoral Board consulted by this newspaper believe that the announcements made yesterday by Yolanda Díaz touch the limits of electoral regulations. The key will be whether it is considered that the denounced leader “limited herself to giving an account of a government decision or if, in doing so, she accompanied it with assessments of her own management or that of others.”

Díaz justified that Andalusian unemployment is six points higher than the Spanish average, but then he valued that it is the second time that his Government approves aid of this type and, above all, he assured that “the Government continues with that silent transformation of the country, while the opposition continues to focus on the lack of proposals and a lot of noise ».

This last message could be framed in the context of elections and evaluations against the opposition, something that the Board monitors very closely. If it rules against him, it could warn him, as a first warning, or file it, since it is not the first time that the Executive has fallen into this practice.

In fact, Díaz unwittingly revealed a document yesterday that reveals the electoral context of the press conference. Under the title “Press Conference Document of the Council of Ministers”, the messages on the pre-campaign, the “demobilization” of the left and the danger that Andalusia is seen as the beginning of political change in Spain are detailed.

For the PP, this type of strategy by the Executive shows its “desperation” in the face of its bad expectations in the Andalusian elections. Not in vain, the polls suggest that Moreno will add more on 19-J than the entire left together.

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