The mayor of Pamplona, ​​Enrique Maya, has tested positive for covid-19 in the middle of Sanfermines and is feeling well, so he has not canceled events on his agenda, which is very active these days of festivities.

The mayor has appeared in the tribute to the journalist Javier Solano with an FFP2 mask and with his voice taken. The mayor has already passed the disease during confinement and was hospitalized.

In fact, the suspension of the 2020 festivities was announced by the deputy mayor, Ana Elizalde, due to Maya’s state of health.

The journalist Javier Solano has received, at the Town Hall, a tribute to his years as a professional in the story and analysis of the running of the bulls of San Fermín, from the hands of Mayor Enrique Maya.

The journalist, who has broadcast the running of the bulls for TVE since 1988, retired last year, and with this act, the Consistory wanted to show its gratitude to Solano because, through his chronicles, he has shown Pamplona and its festivities to viewers , not only nationally but also internationally.

Maya, has shown her gratitude for her “good work and extensive knowledge about the most unique and recognized act of our parties”.

“Javier, throughout your entire professional career you have made a great contribution to publicizing the running of the bulls. And always rigorously, with criteria and with your own style: keeping silent during the live broadcast and then proceeding to comment always impeccable everything that has happened”, added the mayor, who assured him: “We are going to miss you”.

For his part, the honoree has shown his gratitude “to the city of Pamplona” for understanding that it is the one that grants this tribute, which he has considered undeserved.

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