The companions of the leaders who are participating in the NATO Summit these days do not have time to get bored. Because the Spanish Government has organized a counter agenda that began this Wednesday, June 29, in which they wanted to show the best of Madrid and its surroundings.

The first thing that some of the companions have been able to enjoy has been a trip on the AVE from Madrid to Segovia. Thus, all the companions except Brigitte Macron, who has not gone, and Jill Biden, who moves with her own entourage, have known the benefits of traveling in High Speed, with sections that have reached 300 kilometers per hour.

From there, a bus has taken them to the Palacio de La Granja, where Jill Biden has joined the visit. Queen Letizia has received everyone at the Door of the Walnut Staircase before heading all together to the interior of the palace for a brief tour with a guide.

Next, the Queen has led a visit to the gardens to enjoy the spectacle of some of the fountains, lit for the occasion. They have stopped at the Eight Streets fountain and have taken a group photograph at Los Baños de Diana and the Fuente de las Ranas, where they have been explained the hydraulic system.

Back at the Palace, they visited the tapestry exhibition that is open to the public these days and the King’s bedroom. This is the room where Felipe V retired.

In addition to the Queen and the American first lady, Begoña Gómez and her companions from Slovakia, Turkey, Australia, Cyprus, Malta, South Korea, Luxembourg, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, NATO have joined the activity. , Albania and Belgium. Most of the ladies were dressed in short dresses and comfortable shoes. Many of them -starting with the Queen- with espadrilles.

Jill Biden has also chosen this very Spanish footwear. In her case, she has released some espadrilles that were a gift from Begoña Gómez during her meeting on Monday. The first lady, who has also taken her granddaughters to La Granja, has remounted in her entourage to return to Madrid.

Already in the capital, all the companions were waiting for a meal at the Reina Sofía Museum, a moment to which Brigitte Macron has joined. After seeing Guernica and taking a group photo in front of the iconic work, they had lunch with a menu designed by Paradores in which they tried to travel throughout the national territory. There were sherry cherries, Cantabrian anchovies, casar cake, porridge, octopus with Galician potato…

During the visit to the Royal Glass Factory, Her Majesty the Queen and the rest of the guests began a tour with explanations given by Javier Ramos, director of the Foundation of the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja, who included in the central nave, the ovens, with an exhibition of blown glass, the carving workshop and the Multipurpose Room, where there is an exhibition of works from the collection from various NATO member countries.

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