The Balearic Islands have registered today, in less than 24 hours, the reception of the largest number of small boats so far this year.

The avalanche by sea of ​​six cayucos with more than 100 people of Algerian nationality has coincided with Algeria’s announcement to suspend the friendship treaty with Spain due to its change of position with the Sahara.

This massive arrival of small boats meets the forecast made by civil guards who work on the border of Ceuta and Melilla when Pedro Sánchez approached Morocco last March.

The agents then foresaw that Algiers would stop controlling immigration as a measure of pressure. They warned of a wave of boats towards Spain.

The first boat, according to the sources consulted, was located at 02:00 this morning with 17 people on board. She was south of the island of Cabrera. The last one, at 12.30 in Formentera with 27.

In between, three more canoes with 20, 17 and 14 people. On land, 49 other men were located. In total, there are 113 immigrants on the island who have already been transferred to police stations.

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