Renfe will carry out a pilot test to travel with large dogs of up to 40 kilos on AVE and Long Distance trains from next September 13 and for three months, on a selection of trains on the Madrid-Barcelona route.

Currently, the company allows you to travel with small animals of up to 10 kilos and always inside their cage or carrier, limited to one per person, as well as assistance or guide dogs without limitations of weight or form of transport.

During this pilot test, one large dog per passenger will be allowed, with a maximum of two large dogs per train, in a single car and always in a fixed space with two specific seats.

For this project, Nestlé Purina has advised Renfe with a travel guide with good practices, so that pets and their owners can travel on board trains in the most pleasant way.

In this sense, both companies have signed a collaboration agreement by virtue of which they undertake to promote Renfe’s rail transport services for traveling with dogs weighing up to 40 kg on AVE and Long Distance trains.

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria