The National Police has dismantled, detaining 8 people in Las Palmas, Murcia, Cádiz and Vizcaya, two gangs accused of trafficking between Morocco and the Canary Islands with 204 migrants who arrived in 6 boats to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, who were charged 3,000 euros per trip.

With these routes, it is estimated that the criminal network obtained a benefit of more than 600,000 euros, as reported this Monday in a statement by the Superior Police Headquarters of the Canary Islands, which has specified that the crimes charged to the eight detainees of these two interconnected organizations.

Three of them, already in pretrial detention, are alleged perpetrators of crimes against the rights of foreign citizens, belonging to a criminal organization and forgery of documents.

The investigations and proceedings carried out by the National Police confirmed the existence of two criminal organizations dedicated to the trafficking of Moroccan migrants, perfectly structured and connected to each other, which operated from the Moroccan coast to the Canary Islands.

The agents who have intervened in this investigation were able to determine both the way these gangs act, the roles played by their members, who were the leaders, the routes used, the exit points and the amounts they charged migrants for taking them by boat to Spain.

Thus, they found out that the leaders of the organizations were responsible for the arrival of five boats to the island of Lanzarote and a sixth to Fuerteventura.

The investigators were also able to clarify that the criminal network charged each migrant an average of 3,000 euros, although initially they requested payment of 4,000 euros and if they did not have enough migrants for the boat to be at full capacity, they lowered the price. at 2,500 euros.

With the number of boats and migrants transferred known by the agents, a benefit for the organization of more than 600,000 euros has been estimated.

Once all the evidence had been collected, to dismantle the organizations, a device was designed in several provinces in which almost 100 police officers participated, carrying out three entries and searches of the homes of the leaders of the organizations in Sotogrande (Cádiz), Lorquí ( Murcia) and Lanzarote (Las Palmas).

Numerous information storage devices have been intervened as well as documentation related to economic transactions to pay for the trip in the small boats.

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