Good morning with Javier

The basis of the celebration is that the journalists accompany the public with the morning program from the platform. “We have thought of this after 15 years of programming as a way to get closer to listeners after so long,” says Javier Nieves, who also adds that the company has designed a different show from the one they offer on the radio every morning without losing the essence of its activity.

In this context, converting the radio program into a live event is a “challenge” for journalists. Javier Nieves and Marcela Amarte add that they feel “at home” during each transmission of Good morning! in the studios. However, the fact of going on stage forces both journalists to leave their environment and face new risks. “When we do the tour, it is true that it produces a bit of vertigo,” adds Amarte.

Despite the passage of time, Nieves and Amarte do not hide the feeling of “nervousness” before starting the presentations on stage under the eyes and demand of the public. “There is a lot of respect. Where we do have a lot of nerves is before the shows,” they comment.

On the other hand, live acts are not the only challenge that Javi and Mar have faced in their 15 seasons on the air. Technological progress, new ways of doing journalism and the growth of formats such as podcasts mean some changes for the morning show, which has added points such as social networks without losing its sole objective: accompanying the public from the microphones.

“The podcast and the radio are not the same: it is perhaps comparing a series on a platform with a movie,” explains Nieves, who maintains that both on the radio and on the podcast there is “a script” and a “structure “. However, the recording and broadcast formats of the products are “different” because while the radio is there to accompany and give information “instantly”, the podcast remains on the networks and offers “specific” content.

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