Brahim Ghali’s defense has asked the National High Court to claim the CNI’s infirmities that reveal Morocco’s strategy of pressuring the Spanish Government to change -as it has happened- its position on Western Sahara. One of the ways to do this would have been to activate judicial proceedings in Spain against the leader of the Polisario Front, which has had two cases open in the Court, one of which is still open.

The brief refers to two reports from the National Intelligence Center. One of them “would confirm the allocation of resources by Morocco to reactivate the legal proceedings filed against the Polisario Front and Don Brahim Ghali, with the aim of pressuring the Spanish Government for the sake of a change of position favorable to Morocco regarding the contentious of the Western Sahara.

It goes on to say that this report would include an annex “with the identity of people and organizations supposedly collaborating in Spain with the Directorate General for Studies and Documentation (DGED), a foreign intelligence service dependent on the Moroccan Armed Forces, among which Mr. Fadel Breica, plaintiff in this proceeding”.

Breica’s statement alleging that he had been tortured by the Polisario is the basis of the case opened against Ghali in the National High Court. The procedure is still open, although the prognosis has always been that it will end in a file due to the weakness of the evidence against Ghali.

The report of the CNI would indicate that the plaintiff traveled to the area controlled by the Polisario “following instructions from Morocco to provoke the Polisario leadership and force his arrest.” And he adds that Breica’s “only income” comes from Moroccan services.

The second report, which was also reported by the newspaper El País, indicates that the avalanche of immigrants who irregularly crossed the Ceuta border was also a form of pressure on the Pedro Sánchez Executive.

Following the request, the judge in the case, Santiago Pedraz, will have to decide whether to demand that the Government declassify the confidential reports, as another investigating judge of the Court, José Luis Calama, recently did on the reports relating to espionage on the Government through through Pegasus.

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